CBSE Affiliation No: 430432

About Ananda Global

Pre Primary

The caring mother teacher plays the most important part in the healthy growth of little ones.

Learning environment is designed, keeping the child’s safety a priority. Provision of appropriate toys, puzzles, furnishings and a designated play area accommodate the needs of young buds of Preschool. Regular communication between parents and teachers ensures understanding of the learning progress and well-being of the child.

Learning is thematic and involves activities that focuses on building language skills, (listening, speaking, reading, writing), social, motor and kinesthetic skills.

Lower Primary

Spacious classrooms help meet the individual needs of our students of Primary where in our trained mentors guide the creative minds to achieve their academic excellence.

We regard education as a building process. With an efficient implementation of the planned curriculum and follow up for corrective actions, children are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential.

Apart from classroom teaching, pupils are encouraged to do indoor and outdoor sports, physical training, participate in co-curricular activities with opportunities to develop leadership skills and practice public speaking from an early age that helps them in developing a sense of confidence.

Upper Primary

Upper Primary is the stepping stone for preparation of higher education and beyond. It is a time of transition for many students. During this stage children develop strong study habits, continue to embrace learning and learn to value education.

The academic curriculum hence is designed to instil a healthy respect for hard work and develop sound formal study skills. The students are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school, they are encouraged to do individual and group work, and become independent.

Children are encouraged in Public speaking, do independent research work. Such activities help the students to gain confidence and push their boundaries of knowledge even further. Focus on discipline, punctuality, reasoning, and problem solving helps the children towards social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth

The medium of instruction is English, and the languages taught are English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French.

Our Mission

The mission of Ananda Global School is to support youthful personalities in a socially proper condition and give openings that will support them with learning their actual potential. Physical and Social Responsibilities in a Multi-Cultural Environment. And Also dedicated to the pursuit of educational excellence in guiding students as they prepare to become citizens in a global community.

Our Vision

The Vision of Ananda Global School is to empower, excite and improve youth by cultivating the development of personality, body, and soul, which will assist youngsters with becoming long-lasting learners.

What Our Parents Say