CBSE Affiliation No: 430432

Education is a significant part in molding the personality and potential of a person. Every student is capable of greatness and achieves their dreams, make improvements in the world and this is where education creates a very strong base for them.
The school is focused on preparing each and every student for the future and provide the support for social, academic and personal success. Our goal is to prepare the students and help them :

  • Understand the need, sustain the ideologies and standards of moral, civic and ethical conduct.
  • Build a team-work spirit with right attitude and increase self-confidence.
  • Realize the diversity in the community while making sure they learn the right values and appreciate those differences…
  • Participate and light the spark of passion that resides within them through extra -curricular activities.

We understand that this can be achieved only by ensuring high standards of teaching and providing opportunities for learning via appropriately designed curriculum. Our Academics will ensure that our learners are well prepared to face the challenges and make the most of future opportunities for the ever changing world.