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Our Secondary School is more than the number of its parts – which incorporate exhaustive educational plans, evaluations, esteem added projects, occasions, and numerous another exhibit of exercises, that permit understudies to develop into balanced people.

The Secondary School likewise encourages 21st-century abilities setting up the understudies for their excursion towards an extraordinary advanced degree.

We aim to build a rapport between teachers and students to provide an ideal learning environment that is interactive and holistic. The variety of academic and activity-based programs we provide enrich our student values and knowledge.

They include everything from theme-based morning assemblies which dwell on topics of national and international importance; Leadership Lecture Series wherein students interact with industry experts and famous personalities for inspiration and drive; competitions and field-trips which encourage healthy rivalry and help physical, mental, and spiritual growth; and lastly inter-house activities which emphasise programmes that nurture holistic development of students.

Indoor-Outdoor Learning Activities:

  • Continuous and Structured Evaluation.
  • Emphasis on Oral and Practical Skills.
  • Structured Library Activities.
  • Informal Counselling Sessions.
  • Field Trips.
  • Projects in all subjects.
  • Encouragement for participation in co-curricular activities like Debates, Elocution, Poetry Recitation, Story Storytelling, News Reading and other activities.
  • Extensive Sports facilities – Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Judo, Table Tennis, Hand Ball and Badminton.


  • Co-curricular Activities –  Learning different Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing, Clay Work, Painting, Art, Craft Wood Work, Dramatics, Vocals and Needle Work.


Steps have done with heart, soul, mind & strength


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Day in the Life

Start of The Day

Welcome and Inquiry Time

During circle time, kids and educators talk about the various stations that have been set up, enjoy care activities, and offer individual stories. After circle time, kids inundate in request time which is set out for investigation of a task inside a unit.

Choice Time

Decision time is a chance for kids to coordinate their own play and hence, their own learning. The instructor cautiously sets up focuses with materials that incite examinations however the kid finds methods of utilizing the materials.

Math and Literacy Time

Children spend an hour every day focusing on Math and Literacy related inquiry and projects.

Snack Time

Snack time is an opportunity for educators to model healthy food habits and discuss different types of foods being eaten in the class.

Sensory or Outdoor Play

Every day, children spend about 45 minutes in the sensory gym or in one of the outdoor play areas. Activities include obstacle courses, ziplining, tumbling, cycling, sand play, and water play.

Reflection Time

Following a debilitating and astounding day, kids and teachers assemble to remember their energy and encounters. Reflection time is a chance to examine the exercises of the day, take an interest in narrating, or sing unit-explicit rhymes.

The Bell Goes Off

Our Teachers

Our qualified teachers have a passion for teaching and learning and are handpicked for every class. Of the many important criteria that we look for in our teachers, excellence in teaching remains foremost.


What Our Families are Saying

"My daughter is always happy to go to school and full of smiles when we pick her up. I attribute this to the exemplary teaching and community feel of the school."

"Every day my children are looking forward to coming to school. They very much enjoy their time in school and learning new things each and every day. They participate in a variety of activities and events and enjoy both their teacher's and classmates' company. They are having a great time and lots of fun too"

I am proud to be a part of this school. They handled the pandemic situation very well and online classes progressed smoothly. Highly recommended!!!

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